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Today’s world is a hustle and bustle world where everything from housewives to businesses is always on the go. Add that to the fact that businesses have gone Internet bound and technology has shot through the roof and you will see the need for hiring Technology Consulting to help get your business to the point where it is thriving and successful.

There are a number of reasons that companies would prefer to hire temporary IT Consulting professionals than dealing with a full-time staff. However, figuring out where to hire the best consultants from can be quite tricky. Whether you are looking for middleware specialists or ERP specialists, there is an agency out there that has them all just waiting to step in and help your business either transition or take a step forward. Below you will find some tips for finding the right agency to hire your consultants through and still keep your sanity.

Our Texas office (based in Dallas) is looking forward to the opportunity to serve your Information Technology needs. Whether your project is a complex coding project, or you’re in need of a few great support techs, Valintry Texas wants to help!

Our office is led by Ron Murphy, Division President and Mark Frohman, Vice President of Business Development for the Southwest region.
Name: Ron Murphy
Title: Division President-Southwest
With more than 20 years of healthcare staffing experience, Murphy has earned a proven track record of successfully fostering start-up business opportunities and leading existing businesses to achieve notable profitability under his leadership. Prior to joining Valintry Services, Murphy served in a number of senior management positions, helping clients staff expertly trained Allied and Nursing healthcare professionals to serve their varied patient needs.Murphy’s former leadership roles include Vice President of Supplemental Healthcare Travel Allied, President of TravelMax, President of NovaPro and Vice President of Recruitment at MedRehab.
We can be found at:
1333 West McDermott, Suite 200
Allen, TX 75013

How to work best with Valintry Dallas / Fort Worth Staffing

Describe Your Contract

Whether you are looking for a web developer or a batch of QA testers, you will want to describe your contract in detail. You will want to ask probing, in-depth questions as this is your business that you are hiring for and there is no way that you can leave anything to chance. Explain your contract in-depth, including duration, deliverable, and approach, before you sign on the dotted line.

Ask for Strategy

Ask the candidate of the agency to describe their strategy to you in detail. You also need to ask for proof of other work that the agency has completed in the field that you are choosing to hire in. You do not want someone who has just started in the IT industry; you want someone who is professional and willing to work with your company to do what it takes to move into the future.

Ask for References

You will always want to ask for references when it comes to hiring from any type of agency. You want to know that previous employers will attest that the agency has a strong and well-respected background and that they are proud of the type of work that they do.

These are just a few tips to help you find the right agency to get IT professionals from. Many businesses are going to hiring these types instead of full-timers. For more information, visit Valintry today to find the best set of IT professionals on the market today.

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